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Sharon Mendonsa

I am a lifelong learner with a passion for teaching science and technology. My second passion is cooking and understanding the science behind the process. I loved playing school as a child and this interest led me to become a sixth grade public school teacher in California.


I moved from the classroom to the stars when we moved our family to Nashville, Tennessee in 1991. I became an astronomy and space science educator at Adventure Science Center and eventually the Senior Science Educator. My love of hands-on interactive inquiry-based teaching continues today. Nothing gives me more joy than watching children turn curiosity into an exploration that results in a real-world application of science and technology. Their excitement about what they discover challenges me to see the world as an opportunity to NEVER stop learning!

Kids can code!

In The


The one thing Republicans and Democrats agree on: every student should have a chance to learn to code.



January 30, 2016

Our children — including our girls — need the opportunity to learn computer science.”


Sheryl, COO of Facebook

“If you code, you can pick and choose the course of your life.”


Chris Bosh, Professional basketball player for the Miami Heat