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With a focus on technology combined with creative arts, we offer a unique approach that appeals to children's imaginations using art, music, invention, and design.


Kids Create - Computer Animation Studio

Ages: 8-12


Students pursue their own interests while taking control of their computers using Scratch software and MaKey MaKey hardware, both created by MIT developers. Camps combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to guide students from Ideas to Success! Use simple drag and drop programming to create interactive stories, animations, cartoons, art and music. Design and build unique computer controllers from everyday objects like bananas or recyclables!


Kids Create - Computer Game Studio

Ages: 9-12


Use simple drag and drop programming (Scratch) to design and create your own platform, adventure, or arcade computer game. Build a unique game controller from everyday objects like bananas or recyclables. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving while having a blast!


Kids Create - Digital Storytelling Studio or Digital Comics

Ages: 7-12
Writing stories using code is the new superpower! Use your superpowers to create characters that move, dance, and talk and interact using Scratch programming language. You are the producer and writer of your unique script and characters. Make your characters eyes blink and their bodies walk and interact with other characters. We teach you how to use Vector graphic to build amazing objects, 2-D environments and avatars. Add music to add suspense or surprise, and create the code to make your production come to life.



Kids Create - Maker Invention Studio
Ages: 8-12

Join the Maker Movement and tinker, build, test and experiment while making chain reaction objects, cardboard automata, LED and mechanical art, and whatever else that comes out of your brain! Makers have inventors' mind and do it yourself attitudes!

Kids Create - Maker Mania

Ages: 8-12
Are you curious, crafty, creative, and fearless? We invite you to become a MAKER- a do-it-yourself (DIY) designer using technology, circuits, crafting and engineering to turn what you imagine into reality. We design LED origami art and paper sculptures, electronic and mechanical art, and much more. Each day is a new exploration!

We are only one of three campsites in Middle Tennessee offering a Maker Camp!